Wow, what a difficult economic time! We will commit to work with you as a partner; will help you make the most of the dollars you allocate to dental health. We can work with any budget. In many cases, we can do simple and affordable procedures that will dramatically improve your smile and your dental health.

Because our commitment is to you, our client, we are not a contract provider for dental insurance plans. We work directly with YOU concerning financing options and insurance reimbursement services. You WILL receive your insurance benefits for work done in our office and we will help maximize those benefits. We will process all the paperwork for you. We know how to talk to the insurance companies.

Because we are not dictated to by insurance plans we have


  • Use cheaper materials
  • Double-book appointments
  • Whisk you through the procedure in short time
  • Chase work that you may only questionably need


  • Use state-of-the-art equipment
  • Allow time for discussion
  • See you at your appointed time

Give us a call. We can discuss your specific needs and personal situation.


It is for you to decide whether any of this has meaning for you. Keeping time with the music you hear in your own heart - that is what is important.