You've heard about veneers. Some are easy to make and inexpensive. Those are the ones that LOOK easy to make and inexpensive: bulky, fat and round. That's the way we made them back in 1982. Today veneers are much more elegant. They create beauty in a smile. But the real beauty in a smile is what comes from within, the beauty that reflects the person; the way the eyes dance and the face glows. A gleaming row of Hollywood Chiclets is not necessary to create that beauty.

However . . . if your teeth look old and worn and you think they could look better, if you seek the best of all things in body and soul, come on by. We'll talk about veneers. We've been doing them for 27 years.

Wow, what a difficult economic time! We will commit to work with you as a partner; will help you make the most of the dollars you allocate to dental health. We can work with any budget.

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